No. 1526

Sunday Tasmanian - Tassie Living - - PUZZLES -


1 Sure, mo­ray eels are to be found there but so is this sucker (6) 8 How true! To lose it all yet re­main so de­ter­mined (8) 9 Is able to and did, to be frank (6) 10 Those pleas­ant smells ex­ud­ing from those scenes in the South-East (8) 11 In my opin­ion it’s mainly seen as a wing of a bird (6) 12 I lift my hat to some­one from Asia (4) 13 Pleased to find a let­ting con­tract avail­able here? (5) 16 Given the bird for offering some re­grets (5) 19 Sent out? That’s for the birds! (4) 21 Scared of it? Far out! You need help (6) 22 Claim they set off de­spite the pre­vail­ing weather con­di­tions (8) 23 How to tee off and look sweet (6) 24 Con­trol the consumption of lager in your ute (8) 25 Crime-solver shut out by the French (6)


2 I’ve to save one so dodgy? (7) 3 Makes a priest of Ian with Rod’s help (7) 4 It’s so hot in the gar­den to­day (6) 5 How I love Crete but there’s such a group sit­u­a­tion there (7) 6 But this singer gets in for her chop (7) 7 You will keep on about some su­per sis­ter! (7) 13 Dance like those old cav­al­ry­men do (7) 14 It makes me cross when you cut it short (7) 15 Lis­ten in a way that in­volves it (7) 17 Play­ing rag with fife ac­com­pa­ni­ment brings out the beast in one (7) 18 I’m about to meet a teen and a most dis­tin­guished one (7) 20 Sam­ples re­quested from all states (6)

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