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If ever a film had the right to stick an ex­cla­ma­tion mark at the end of its ti­tle, it is this mind-bog­gling true story of cor­po­rate mal­prac­tice. Matt Da­mon stars as Mark Whi­tacre, a high-paid exec who throws away a bril­liant ca­reer to help the FBI ex­pose a global price-fix­ing scam. As far as whis­tle-blow­ers go, Whi­tacre seems too good to be true. There­fore it pays to keep close tabs on what he tells the fed and what he keeps to him­self. Di­rec­tor Steven Soder­bergh (Erin Brock­ovich) ini­tially frames it as a kooky satire, and it is won­der­fully im­mer­sive when the truth fi­nally emerges.

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