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ACROSS 1 I’ve Tom to thank for pro­vid­ing the in­cen­tive (6) 7 He watches to see that all ten lines are in the re­quired or­der (8) 8 A doc­tor makes a fast al­ter­ation to the sketches (6) 9 Im­presses deeply even on rags (8) 10 No robe is good enough for a fairy king (6) 11 As­sem­bled the witches gath­er­ing in the end (8) 14 Makes a deep im­pres­sion on both the em­ploy­ers and me (8) 18 You are able to eat it when you lie in bed (6) 19 As­cended yet still as­cend­ing? How re­volt­ing! (8) 21 It’s such an im­pos­ing time of the year (6) 22 A col­lege where many rise to the oc­ca­sion (8) 23 Did Rose re­turn only to be cut off in such squalid sur­round­ings (6)


1 This ode about crime tak­ing place is nei­ther good nor bad (8) 2 Im­plies that it’s apt to be finer in the South (6) 3 In­trin­sic na­tures are sure to be fra­grant (8) 4 Com­fort­able han­dling guns? (4) 5 I’m chang­ing gear to cre­ate an il­lu­sion (6) 6 It’s so harsh when you cut it off at this point (6) 12 Goes South with any num­ber of bou­quets (8) 13 How I hated be­ing ex­am­ined by the ed­i­tor (8) 15 In the East you’ll find palms and other trees (6) 16 Right from the start we no­tice such spirit in Rio (6) 17 A lot ma­linger and just hang about (6) 20 I moved fast in the coun­try (4)

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