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3 Be free to tee off and dis­play your star sign (8) 7 A Greek sheds a tear when seen un­der the Jolly Roger (6) 8 How to con­firm such evil data when pro­vided (8) 9 Our ed­i­tor places a bet which causes a dis­cus­sion about it (6) 10 A leg is bro­ken, true, but here’s how to take con­trol of the sit­u­a­tion (8) 11 Such a red tan can be­come fiery (6) 14 Not just one pest from outer space but there’s seven of them (6) 17 A con­nec­tion with a fam­ily mem­ber? (8) 18 Got a mi­nus score and ex­hib­ited such a hos­tile spirit (6) 19 Sure to fall for you but may af­fect your eyes (8) 20 Be­came less in­tense when held at the game by the ed­i­tor (6) 21 It’s so mov­ing to see the lit­tle ones in ac­tion (8)


1 Car­ries grapes for a rag and gets in a pickle as a re­sult (7) 2 Able to take the rap for telling such a story? (7) 3 For ever let it be known as a young hare (7) 4 Such a fussy eater de­serves to be given that pie rem­edy (7) 5 So un­yield­ing like that first man and his lit­tle ac­com­plice (7) 6 That’s a tall one (7) 11 The Com­mand­ing Of­fi­cer and I part with some fruit (7) 12 I let dad get it widened (7) 13 The French have a turn with no ar­ti­fi­cial out­come (7) 14 They’re mu­si­cal boys of mine and re­ceive lit­tle thanks (7) 15 Big Bill can really pile it on (7) 16 Made cer­tain that it was seen with in­com­plete rude con­tent (7)

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