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Di­rec­tor: Ja­son Moore (Pitch Per­fect) Star­ring: Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Maya Ru­dolph, James Brolin, Dianne Wi­est, Ike Barinholtz Ver­dict: Dream team never quite wakes up

TINA Fey and Amy Poehler have been two of the fun­ni­est peo­ple in the world for some time now.

Putting them to­gether in an­other film makes per­fect sense. Af­ter all, it’s been ages since the long­time friends and col­lab­o­ra­tors (not to men­tion best-ever Golden Globes hosts) teamed up so ef­fec­tively in Baby Mama (2008).

So it comes as both a sur­prise and dis­ap­point­ment to re­port the Fey-Poehler screen re­union so many com­edy fans have been hop­ing for is such an av­er­age ef­fort.

While Sis­ters never dips any­where near as low as the dread­ful re­cent Will Fer­rell de­ba­cle Daddy’s Home, this lazy, ladies-party-hard af­fair rarely plays to the con­sid­er­able strengths of its two stars.

Lit­tle of note has been tried here aside from re­vers­ing the cast­ing po­lar­ity of Baby Mama. Which means this time around, Fey is the slob and Poehler is the (rel­a­tively) straight one.

As the ti­tle de­clares, the pair are por­tray­ing sib­lings.

Kate (Fey) is aged some­where around the 40-year-old mark, but has the emo­tional ma­tu­rity and life-smarts of a teenager. She is able to make ends meet as a beauty ther­a­pist, but only just.

Maura (Poehler) has a steady job, a sunny out­look on life and, umm, that’s about it. If any­thing, the char­ac­ter is a pale pho­to­copy of Poehler’s Les­lie Nope per­sona from TV’s Parks & Recre­ation.

Kate and Maura have re­mained in touch over the years, but are about to be­come a whole lot closer now that their par­ents (James Brolin and Dianne Wi­est) have an­nounced they are soon to sell the fam­ily home.

Upon vis­it­ing the res­i­dence one last time, Kate and Maura get the bright idea to see the ad­dress off in style by host­ing an all-night blow-out for all their old friends in the ’hood.

Have you seen this film be­fore? Yes, you have. There­fore to up-sell th­ese sub-Seth Ro­gen shenani­gans, the great gags and big laughs just

have to keep com­ing in quick suc­ces­sion.

Though Sis­ters does briefly achieve the right lev­els of re­lent­lessly reck­less hu­mour at the height of the afore­men­tioned party, there are pro­tracted spells ei­ther side of the main event where even a mild chuckle is hard to find.

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