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Just about ev­ery­one plays trans­fers over 1NT but there are ad­van­tages to play­ing trans­fers at the two level and trans­fers at the four level. Trans­fers to the ma­jors at the four level are made us­ing ei­ther 4C and 4D or 4D and 4H. When you make a 4 level trans­fer, it shows ei­ther ex­actly game val­ues or enough for slam so a sub­se­quent 4NT is RKC or the like. This means that trans­fers at the two level fol­lowed by 4NT show a slam in­vite with a 5332 much like a 3NT re­bid but stronger. In this hand North made a four level trans­fer and then passed. West led the king of hearts. De­clarer could count nine win­ners and while a dou­ble fi­nesse in clubs would of­fer around a 3: 1 chance of suc­cess, de­clarer felt that he should be able to do bet­ter. In not­ing that he had plen­ti­ful trumps and a club suit that would ben­e­fit from the de­fend­ers lead­ing it, de­clarer had seen the clas­sic in­di­ca­tors for an elim­i­na­tion play to make his tenth trick. The prob­lem was the di­a­mond suit since de­clarer has to pre­vent East from gain­ing the lead and push­ing a club through.

De­clarer found a good start when he ducked the king of hearts. This might func­tion as a Bath Coup but at trick two West shifted to a di­a­mond, re­spect­ing East’s nine of hearts suit- pref­er­ence sig­nal. De­clarer rose with the ace of di­a­monds then drew trumps with the king and ace. Next he played the ace and jack of hearts, dis­card­ing dummy’s two re­main­ing di­a­monds. Af­ter win­ning with the queen of hearts West ex­ited with a di­a­mond, as he could not play a club with­out giv­ing de­clarer his tenth trick. De­clarer ruffed this in dummy then crossed back to hand with the queen of trumps to ruff his last di­a­mond, thereby elim­i­nat­ing that suit. As all of the pre­lim­i­nary work was com­plete, de­clarer played the jack of clubs from dummy next and passed it to West when East fol­lowed with a low card. Af­ter win­ning with the queen of clubs West had no win­ning op­tion. He had to give de­clarer his tenth trick, ei­ther by con­ced­ing a ruff- and­dis­card with a heart exit or by lead­ing a club into de­clarer’s te­nace.

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