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MOLLY Mel­drum’s 2011 fall from his roof fea­tures early in the minis­eries.

“It might sound a lit­tle in­sen­si­tive but I rel­ished shoot­ing that scene,” John­son says. “I loved hav­ing the pros­thet­ics on to look like the older Molly. I ac­tu­ally loved be­ing the older Molly be­cause that’s the Molly I know bet­ter. It felt more for­eign for me to play Mol as a 34- year- old be­cause I didn’t know him then.”

Mel­drum and John­son watched an early cut of the minis­eries last year, al­though the TV icon couldn’t watch the re- cre­ation of the ac­ci­dent that left him in an in­duced coma.

“I had to turn away,” Mel­drum ad­mits.

“It’s quite bru­tal,” John­son says. “It’s pretty graphic. When his head hits the ground I cer­tainly jumped in my chair watch­ing it. It felt like I was walk­ing through his­tory do­ing that scene and to me that was a priv­i­lege.”

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