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This ut­terly bril­liant, slyly in­no­va­tive ac­tion pic­ture is­sues a bar­rage of fu­ture shocks in a press­ing present tense. In a bid to stop global warm­ing, cli­mate sci­en­tists have trig­gered a new ice age. Ev­ery­one dies in the en­su­ing snap freeze, ex­cept for the oc­cu­pants of a lux­ury bul­let train. In the years that fol­low, each car­riage be­comes a na­tion unto it­self. An in­te­rior se­cu­rity sys­tem – an un­offi cial set of bor­ders, if you like – keeps ev­ery­one in their place. Due to an am­bi­tious combo of the high­con­cept and the high- oc­tane, this is an ex­pe­ri­ence best seen ( al­most lit­er­ally) cold. Stars Chris Evans, Jamie Bell, Tilda Swin­ton.

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