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1 Who plays the lead role in the movie

Steve Jobs?

2 Who was the first Aussie rules player to be in­ducted into the Sport Aus­tralia Hall of Fame? 3 Michael Stipe is best known for his work in which band? 4 Who suc­ceeded Joe Hockey as Trea­surer of Aus­tralia? 5 Which char­ac­ter was played by Ron Howard in the TV se­ries Happy


6 The black opal is the of­fi­cial gem­stone em­blem of which Aus­tralian state? 7 Harper Lee’s 2015 best- sell­ing novel is ti­tled Go Set a what? 8 Who suc­ceeded Win­ston Churchill as prime min­is­ter of the UK in 1955? 9 Which movie se­ries fea­tures a group called the Tre­ble­mak­ers? 10 Who was the se­cond man to walk on the moon?

Aldrin. Buzz 10 Per­fect; Pitch 9 Eden; An­thony 8 Watch­man; 7 Wales; South New 6

Cun­ning­ham; Richie 5 Mor­ri­son; Scott 4 M.; E. R. 3 Whit­ten; Ted 2 Fass­ben­der; Michael 1 SO­LU­TIONS:

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