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The dif­fer­ence be­tween pairs and teams is quite clear cut. At teams, bor­der­line game de­ci­sions should be re­solved in favour of bid­ding game even if it seems ag­gres­sive. South’s 1S bid is nat­u­ral ( 2S would be fourth suit forc­ing). North, who might have in­vited, just bid the game and West led the 2H to East’s ace. Cover the South and West hands and de­cide what you would lead at trick two.

At the ta­ble, East supinely re­turned a heart and now West has no win­ning op­tion. If a spade is re­turned to the ace and an­other is re­turned, South must care­fully win it on ta­ble. Win­ning it with the 8S in hand leaves you in the wrong hand to set up the long club! Now cash one high heart, two high clubs and then ruff clubs and di­a­monds un­til the clubs set up. The last trump can then be drawn and dummy’s JH and last club can be cashed. It’s a lit­tle lucky but the di­a­monds can­not be set up so de­clarer shouldn’t go wrong. Can you see where the de­fence went wrong?

Teams, EW vul, Dealer North

There were two prob­lems: the de­fence set up the queen and jack of heart for de­clarer and al­lowed him to set up the clubs. The best de­fence needs the first two tricks to be the AH and AS and then a spade must be led to the third trick and now de­clarer is off no mat­ter how he wrig­gles. At first sight, this is sur­pris­ing since the se­cond heart loser van­ishes on the AC but de­clarer can­not set up the di­a­monds or get rid of the heart loser.

Should West find the trump lead? Some­times, with a sin­gle­ton trump you will pick up part­ner’s queen but there is an­other con­sid­er­a­tion. Both de­clarer and dummy have shown an un­sup­ported suit be­fore agree­ing on a third suit. This is of­ten an in­di­ca­tor that a trump lead is nec­es­sary as here. A more com­mon case is when one player uses an un­usual 2NT and the other de­clares in a mi­nor. The 2NT bid­der is short in both ma­jors and de­clarer is of­ten short in the other mi­nor mak­ing the trump lead an at­trac­tive at­tempt to re­duce ruff­ing.

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