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1 Which­his deadly Tas­ma­ni­an­swing bowl­ing cricketer, ac­tion, known re­tired­for from first- class cricket last month? 2 What com­pa­nyis the which name has of been­the Chi­ne­se­given ap­proval to buy Tas­ma­nia’s Van Diemen’s Land Com­pany? 3 True or false: haute cui­sine lit­er­ally means ‘ off the menu’? 4 What is the ti­tle of the fi­nal stu­dio al­bum re­leased by David Bowie? 5 The Cas­cade Fun­nel- web Spi­der, now be­lieved to be ex­tinct, was only found in which Aus­tralian state? 6 Which com­pany makes the Time Out choco­late bar? 7 True or false: El­ton John wrote the mu­sic to the mu­si­cal Starlight Ex­press? 8 Who is the Green Hor­net’s side­kick? 9 Who was the first Aus­tralian to hold the ti­tle of King of the Chan­nel, for swim­ming the English Chan­nel the most times?

10 Who is the lead singer of the band Icehouse?

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