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This deal cropped up in a teams match and the auc­tion was the same at both ta­bles.

South avoided the com­mon temp­ta­tion to open 1H and showed the 6- 5 hand at the next chance. With only 6- 4, he would dou­ble rather than bid 3H. Now North knows his part­ner has a rea­son­able ex­pec­ta­tion of 10 tricks if he gives pref­er­ence to clubs.

He no­tices the AD is a trick and a heart ruff is a plau­si­ble se­cond trick and will help to set up the suit so he has no dif­fi­culty bid­ding the club game. Both West play­ers started with the king of spades. The first de­clarer knew he had to set up the long side suit and, af­ter ruff­ing the open­ing lead, he cashed the ace and king of trumps then the ace and king of hearts. Next he led a heart from hand and ruffed it in dummy. Alas, East over- ruffed and this de­clarer still had to lose a di­a­mond and a heart, fin­ish­ing down one. This de­clarer had the right idea but just lacked the tech­nique to ex­e­cute it prop­erly. Teams, EW vul, Dealer South

The se­cond de­clarer was more cir­cum­spect. He counted nine top tricks and, if the hearts were 3- 3, eleven tricks would be cer­tain. Ac­cord­ingly, he turned his mind to what he could do if hearts were 4- 2. Af­ter ruff­ing the open­ing lead, de­clarer cashed the ace of trumps and then ace, king and an­other heart. When West fol­lowed to the third round of hearts, in­stead of ruff­ing, de­clarer threw a low di­a­mond from dummy. Af­ter win­ning this sur­prise heart trick with the seven, West shifted to the 3D. De­clarer rose with the ace, re­turned to hand with a trump and led a fourth round of hearts throw­ing dummy’s last di­a­mond. De­clarer ruffed the spade re­turn then ruffed his re­main­ing di­a­mond in dummy with the 10C. Af­ter cross­ing back to hand with an­other spade ruff, de­clarer drew East’s last trump and claimed. He had three hearts, a di­a­mond, a di­a­mond ruff and six trumps for a to­tal of eleven tricks. The key to the hand was re­strict­ing the num­ber of losers by dis­card­ing los­ing di­a­monds on hearts that might be over- ruffed!

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