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BE­FORE the world’s most fa­mous trans­gen­der woman came out, the re­al­ity star for­merly known as Bruce Jen­ner was out and proud as a Repub­li­can.

Not ex­actly the party for fl ying the rain­bow fl ag, and a fact seized upon by some sec­tions of the US me­dia de­ter­mined to force the I Am Cait lead to pin her true political colours to the wall.

It’s just one of the de­mands made on Jen­ner in the year since she came out as a trans­gen­der woman and started a global con­ver­sa­tion on sex­u­al­ity, which con­tin­ues in the se­cond sea­son of her E! re­al­ity se­ries.

Her vis­i­bil­ity has meant greater ac­cep­tance for many, by many.

Still, the me­dia has fo­cused largely on her mis­steps: she wears too much make- up, cares too much about clothes and still keeps up with the Kar­dashi­ans.

But her political lean­ings have proved the hottest topic, es­pe­cially as the US pre­pares to choose its new pres­i­dent.

On a re­cent press tour, Jen­ner de­clared her­self ready to chal­lenge other Repub­li­cans to do bet­ter on trans is­sues.

“Now they have some­body on their ‘ team’ who can go in there and change their minds – that’s a good thing. We have our fin­gers crossed we can win them over,” Jen­ner said.

“I can only be a spokesman for me and my soul.

“I have so much to learn in this com­mu­nity, so much to learn about trans is­sues … I’m only [ 12] months out.”


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