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FOR Aussie ac­tor Keiy­nan Lons­dale, shoot­ing his first scene as Wally West in The Flash was bit­ter­sweet. In the show, which re­turns this week, Wally – a beloved DC char­ac­ter who later be­comes Kid Flash – meets his father Joe ( Jesse L. Martin) for the first time.

In a case of life im­i­tat­ing art, Lons­dale also didn’t meet his ab­sent father for years.

“I hadn’t met him un­til I was 10,” Lons­dale says. “He’d come back to Aus­tralia from Nige­ria and … I got to meet him.”

The 23- year- old from St Marys in western Syd­ney says he “felt the freaky” as he was shoot­ing the show.

“I was like, ‘ This is so sur­real, this is so strange’,” he says. “It’s been re­ally in­ter­est­ing play­ing a char­ac­ter go­ing through some­thing I went through when I was younger [ and] how dif­fer­ently he han­dles it.”

He also says he’s of­ten mis­taken for an African-Amer­i­can when he’s in Los An­ge­les and Van­cou­ver, where the show is filmed.

“Peo­ple of­ten ex­pect that I should know a lot of things be­cause I’m black,” he says.

“I don’t re­ally ex­plain it to peo­ple, but it’s like: I’m from Aus­tralia, my mum’s Aussie and I grew up with five other Aussie brothers and sis­ters.”

And some fans are more than a bit sur­prised when he speaks.

“I think younger fans can’t quite grasp that’s what you do as an ac­tor,” he says. “They’re like, ‘ It doesn’t make sense, how can he talk like this when he talks like that on the show?’”



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