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1 Who is the founder of high- speed cata­ma­ran busi­ness In­cat?

2 Which English- born Aus­tralian singer, who had many hits in the 1970s and ’ 80s in­clud­ing Six Rib­bons, died re­cently?

3 A cen­taur is a mytho­log­i­cal crea­ture that com­bines a hu­man with which an­i­mal?

4 In 1984, who be­came Aus­tralia’s youngest and most fa­mous heart trans­plant re­cip­i­ent?

5 SAO bis­cuits are pro­duced by which com­pany?

6 In which mu­si­cal is Danny Zuko one of the main char­ac­ters?

7 In which US state was pop singer Bruno Mars born?

8 Bill the Steam Shovel was fea­tured in which chil­dren’s TV se­ries? 9

David Ty­nan O’Ma­honey was a co­me­dian bet­ter known by which name?

10 A reg­u­lar tetra­he­dron has how many tri­an­gu­lar faces?

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