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1 In which Aus­tralian state did Al­fred Bushell open his first Bushells tea shop in 1883?

2 At which Olympics, city and year did Cathy Free­man win the gold medal in the women’s 400m?

3 Cecily von Ziege­sar is best known for writ­ing which se­ries of nov­els?

4 Al­fred Deakin be­came prime min­is­ter of Aus­tralia in which decade?

5 Mary-Kate and Ash­ley Olsen gained fame through their role in which TV se­ries?

6 What is the north­ern­most country on the African con­ti­nent?

7 In which game do play­ers com­pete in the Can­di­dates Tour­na­ment?

8 Which state only won two games in the 2015-16 Sh­effield Shield sea­son?

9 What char­ac­ter does Al­fie Allen play in HBO TV se­ries Game of Thrones?

10 In which sport is Kobe Bryant fa­mous?

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