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Although over­calls gen­er­ally guar­an­tee good suits, it is nec­es­sary to get mod­er­ate five card ma­jors into the auc­tion at the one level while one can. Note that a dou­ble in­stead of a 1S bid, for what­ever rea­son, is viewed as an er­ror nowa­days. North then shows a hand with in­vi­ta­tional, or bet­ter, values and sup­port with a cue raise. South, who would have over­called 1S with­out one of the mi­nor suit kings, shows his ex­tra values by mak­ing a long suit game try and North has no dif­fi­culty bid­ding the game.

West started with the king and an­other heart. De­clarer ruffed and saw that, if trumps were 4-1, there was no hope of mak­ing ten tricks. So he based his plan on trumps be­ing 3-2 and East hold­ing the ace of clubs. Af­ter ruff­ing the sec­ond heart, de­clarer cashed the ace-king of trumps and breathed a sigh of relief when the suit broke 3-2. Next, he led the five of clubs from the table, catch­ing East in a Mor­ton’s Fork; if East rose with the ace of clubs and took the queen of trumps, then de­clarer would have ten tricks: four trumps, four di­a­monds and two clubs.

East thus fol­lowed with a low club and de­clarer’s king won the trick. De­clarer pro­ceeded to then show that he could still make ten tricks. His next move was to lead a low di­a­mond to the ten so that he could ruff a heart. A di­a­mond to the queen saw East fac­ing an­other un­pleas­ant choice. If he ruffed in, de­clarer’s tenth trick would be a club ruff in dummy. When East dis­carded, de­clarer just ruffed dummy’s last heart and played on di­a­monds. East ruffed in and cashed his ace of clubs but de­clarer had the rest. You should note that this ap­proach would also have suc­ceeded when West had the third trump. In that case, West would have been the de­fender faced with the choice of dis­card­ing on the red suit played or ruff­ing in. In the first case de­clarer would make two trumps, three heart ruffs, four di­a­monds and a club for ten tricks. If West ei­ther over-ruffs a heart or ruffs a di­a­mond, then de­clarer’s tenth trick would be the club ruff in the dummy.

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