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Di­rec­tor: Nicholas Stoller (Get Him to the Greek, For­get­ting Sarah Mar­shall) Star­ring: Seth Ro­gen, Rose Byrne, Chloe Grace Moretz, Zac Efron Ver­dict: Same time next door THE best com­edy se­quels make you for­get they are sell­ing you sec­ond­hand goods at full price.

There haven’t been too many that have really jus­ti­fied the trade-off in re­cent times. 22 Jump Street was just about as good as it gets, and that was pri­mar­ily be­cause it made a run­ning joke of all the re­peated jokes.

Then there was An­chor­man 2, which slapped a fair whack of fresh sto­ries on Ron Bur­gundy’s news desk. Af­ter those two, how­ever, the list ta­pers off to noth­ing very quickly. Which brings us to Bad Neigh­bours 2, the oblig­a­tory fol­low-up to the sur­prise hit (and sur­pris­ingly strong) com­edy from 2014.

That was the one where hap­pily mar­ried cou­ple Seth Ro­gen and Rose Byrne went into age-panic melt­down af­ter Zac Efron re­lo­cated a raver­ound-the-clock col­lege fra­ter­nity to the house next door.

All in all, it was a filling serve of empty-calo­rie laughs that left most un­de­mand­ing view­ers more than sat­is­fied.

Though Bad Neigh­bours 2 takes ev­ery­thing down a notch from the orig­i­nal – largely be­cause of too many shout-outs to proven punch­lines of the past – it will not dis­ap­point any­one chas­ing a dis­pos­able com­edy di­ver­sion.

A Fri­day or Satur­day night ses­sion with a few pre-show drinks un­der the belt will op­ti­mise the cheeky, any­thing-goes charm of the movie at its very best.

The plot­ting of Bad Neigh­bours 2 is just dif­fer­ent enough to snuff out any pos­si­ble re­sent­ment of re­peatof­fend­ing ten­den­cies in play.

Mac (Ro­gen) and Kelly (Byrne) have sold their home, and are wait­ing out a 30-day cool­ing-off pe­riod be­fore their buyer take con­trol of the prop­erty.

It is go­ing to be a long month. A fe­male soror­ity led by a loner-turned­lu­natic-party-queen (Chloe Grace Moretz) have taken over the lease of the dwelling over the fence.

These young ladies are set­tling in for a long time of good times. Un­less, of course, Mac and Kelly can come up with a whole new suite of schemes to shut up the hell-rais­ing hussies un­til the mov­ing van ar­rives.

There­fore their old frat-house fren­emy Teddy (Efron) is brought on-board as the fraz­zled cou­ple’s key ad­viser and se­cret weapon.

What fol­lows is a fast-paced combo of pun­ish­ing phys­i­cal sight gags (Ro­gen’s strong suit) and dirty-clever di­a­logue (of which Byrne is now one of the best in the biz) that never quite feels like it will out-stay its lim­ited wel­come.

Hey, its no clas­sic, but you have seen a lot worse come and go al­ready in the com­edy ranks this year.

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