No. 1550

Sunday Tasmanian - Tassie Living - - PUZZLES -


1 Al­ter­na­tively a hill is the place for such a speaker (6) 8 Es­caped with the aid of a wild prank (8) 9 Stars were to be seen at our last rally (6) 10 Do East­ern spies be seen to ap­pear in these story parts? (8) 11 Some play­ers just have to string along with it (6) 12 There was no love for this dance in that old dy­nasty (4) 13 Just eased it out to tan­ta­lise them (5) 16 A lot eye the in­ner leg and mourn it (5) 19 It spoils Big Red (4) 21 A tree that’s not al­to­gether pop­u­lar (6) 22 Or a mother will just take a nap as we ad­mire the view (8) 23 Puts on airs and gets in to dry it up (6) 24 The saint re­turns, un­mar­ried, wear­ing them (8) 25 Big birds are to be seen there, of course (6)


2 The re­main­der, I’ve been told are so im­pa­tient of con­trol (7) 3 Shell out for them or they’ll be in the soup (7) 4 Soften your at­ti­tude in re­gard to fast­ing (6) 5 For ages Sam just used to have a rub­down (7) 6 What a bind that is! (7) 7 When it gets to be salty it’s hor­ri­ble (7) 13 What a nui­sance and met in a storm, too (7) 14 Not­ing there’s a way of mak­ing amends (7) 15 So pre­cious, and just a mere lad too (7) 17 Some pal, took flight with my bird (7) 18 What an in­grate and hard to un­der­stand (7) 20 How one spares that which is hard to find (6)

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