No. 1551

Sunday Tasmanian - Tassie Living - - PUZZLES -


4 To keep from fall­ing you need a de­gree in hold­ing this weapon (7) 8 The Span­ish hero is floored on a bro­ken road (7) 9 Some­thing rated by an un­grate­ful per­son (7) 10 Dare to let it be seen as be­ing a mem­ber of your fam­ily? (7) 11 They ap­pear to be pleas­ant but dan­gers are lurk­ing there (7) 12 Lis­ten, here’s how to get into uni­form (6) 14 Not able to, or can lead the church singing? (6) 18 It’s not quite a swin­dle so come in, spin­ner! (7) 21 If a rule to be ob­served here is seen as a let-down (7) 22 Schol­arly yet wears such a rude tie! (7) 23 The French put on a turn that’s free from af­fec­tion (7) 24 Pretty to be­gin with but fi­nally seen to feign it (7)


1 Hug me on reach­ing a hun­dred, like a bear (7) 2 A bridge tax on a coral isle? (5) 3 They take rides to come out with their pa­pers (7) 4 Game to cross it? (6) 5 I’ll have that large beer, please (5) 6 Was sent out to eat it and found it in the most pleas­ing con­di­tion (7) 7 Sheep have the right to have the wa­ter they carry (5) 13 Worn by an is­lan­der, cer­tainly, but only at a free time (7) 15 They are quite used to a brush-off or two (7) 16 Chimes once more then withdraws it for­mally (7) 17 Fed up, fi­nally on hav­ing to pro­tect them (6) 18 Pete’s out on a high! (5) 19 Doc­tor, I’ve got to make it go away! (5) 20 In­dian is it? That’s a hot one! (5)

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