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1 Who won this year’s TV Week Gold Lo­gie award? 2 In the TV se­ries Break­ing Bad, Wal­ter White reg­u­larly uses what name as his alias? 3 Which AFL team does Tas­ma­nian Mav­er­ick Weller play for? 4 Who was mar­ried to Louis XVI of France when he was ex­e­cuted? 5 Which Ir­ish singer was Aussie pop­star Delta formerly en­gaged to? 6 Who was the first Olympic swim­mer to win the Aus­tralian of the Year award? 7 Mem­bers of which San Diego based cult com­mit­ted mass sui­cide in 1997? 8 Who stars as the Huntsman in the 2016 movie The Huntsman: Win­ter’s War? 9 In which year in the 1970s did World Vi­sion Aus­tralia first hold its an­nual 40 Hour Famine? 10 Who was in­volved in the mid-race col­li­sion with Mary Decker at the 1984 Olympics?

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