No. 1552

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1 Fa­ther ob­serves a deity in an East­ern tem­ple (6) 8 It’s sure nice to have a job with so lit­tle to do (8) 9 In the coun­try you’ll find cor­ro­sion, I see (6) 10 That’s right, in the end gave in and be­came deeply im­pressed (8) 11 What a nerve, just made one run and you take all the credit! (6) 13 Scat­ter them with all speed, Sir (8) 16 Went ahead and peered at a lot of code (8) 19 In Africa, I’m to meet a friend wear­ing a jumper (6) 22 You and I are to meet a Ger­man at the plant (8) 24 It’s eas­ily tracked (6) 25 Noted they in­cluded a lie then it ap­pears to have been re­moved (8) 26 Lis­ten, here’s how to

put on a show (6)


2 An early start to em­ploy and en­ter­tain oth­ers (5) 3 That rot­ter must be be­headed, he’s taken the fish (5) 4 The cad’s in need so

he went up there (8) 5 Feel com­fort­able with

guns? (4) 6 You must get to a cave that will hold eight of them (6) 7 Com­mands given to a lot of board­ers (6) 12 En­cour­age some of your gen­tle­men to look for it (4) 14 Left and un­wanted like men on di­ets (8) 15 Hear about that bird that can’t fly? (4) 17 Stag­gered hold­ing three ledgers (6) 18 You have the right to re­act like that to such a big-mouth (6) 20 You nag at your fa­ther for be­ing such an un­be­liever (5) 21 Bal­anced while hold­ing a weapon (5) 23 A bird to be found in

the hi­bis­cus (4)

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