No. 1554

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1 An old airline and a des­ti­na­tion in Cen­tral Amer­ica (6) 7 Two cats with a right to fall for us (8) 8 It gets cast out for

not mov­ing (6) 9 They shed a tear and sing and ex­press how un­grate­ful we are (8) 10 The times our edi­tor had them rubbed out (6) 11 Parts with those men of steel (8) 14 In­deed, it shows a Constable is best por­trayed this way (8) 18 Made proud by seem­ingly al­most re­lated (6) 19 Is a lemon needed when preparing this pud­ding? (8) 21 Prac­ti­cally rais­ing some fruit (6) 22 Come here and take a ride and you’ll find it nei­ther good nor bad (8) 23 My! How dare you be

so vi­sion­ary (6)


1 An­noyed by it be­ing so steep, you colour up (8) 2 One who doesn’t mind be­ing given the brush (6) 3 I can’t help it, you just

can’t have it iced (8) 4 It’s just a game to find

the an­i­mal in him (4) 5 Cared about a num­ber of shops that are in it (6) 6 Cur­rently it doesn’t cost a lot to speak like this (6) 12 That era ended with be­com­ing loved by all (8) 13 It duly ends, com­pletely and with­out warn­ing (8) 15 The good look­ing one will per­mit it to be laced (6) 16 Fate­fully seen to be mocked at the club, I see (6) 17 I shed tears on hear­ing such ridicule (6) 20 Some witches are so

ir­ri­tat­ing! (4)

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