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1 What sport does Aus­tralian Taj Bur­row ex­cel in?

2 Who wrote the 1988 book A Brief His­tory of Time?

3 Who was the win­ner and run­ner-up in the first se­ries of Aus­tralian Idol?

4 Ing­var Kam­prad founded which com­pany in 1943?

5 Which three colours are on Bel­gium’s flag?

6 Alan Richard­son is the head coach of which AFL team?

7 Who founded the Royal Aus­tralian Fly­ing Doc­tor Ser­vice?

8 In what sport is the Davis Cup con­tested?

9 Who is the founder of Mush­room Records in Aus­tralia?

10 What is the name of the gang led by Rizzo in the mu­si­cal Grease?

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