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1 Who sang the 1978 hit song You Make Me Feel Like Danc­ing?

2 Which coun­try was AFL player Ma­jak Daw born in?

3 In which decade was the first YouTube video up­loaded?

4 How many play­ers does a stan­dard Curl­ing team con­sist of?

5 Great Bri­tain is linked to France by which man-made struc­ture?

6 Which sport does Melissa Wu ex­cel in?

7 Which ac­tress mar­ried John McEn­roe in 1986?

8 Which busi­ness mag­nate was quoted as say­ing, “You don’t learn to walk by fol­low­ing rules. You learn by do­ing and by fall­ing over.”

9 Which for­mer leader wrote the 1995 au­to­bi­og­ra­phy Long Walk to Free­dom?

10 2016 marks the cen­te­nary of the Easter Ris­ing, a ma­jor event in which coun­try?

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