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1 It gets cast out for rest­ing (6) 8 A tale about 500 Ro­mans and you at the United Na­tions be­ing seen to make waves (8) 9 Apt to make cuts in his busi­ness (6) 10 Be­gin travel as a con­sumer and pay­ing for oth­ers (8) 11 A ti­tle for grandma and some fruit too (6) 13 Out­laid in un­der­wear by our edi­tor (8) 16 No, sir! Get that lit­tle devil and lock him up (8) 19 Points to a gar­ment that’s go­ing to leak (6) 22 Pro­duce which will go

green in the end (8) 24 To sum up, Ian shows

a hos­tile spirit (6) 25 A brave man asks for lit­tle money to re­main stick­ing to­gether with them (8) 26 Made proud like an edi­tor com­ing in late (6)


2 Rita takes a shine to it and wears it with pride (5) 3 I take a bit but it’s

bony (5) 4 Cuts it short like cuts

put in a rail (8) 5 Lied about be­ing

un­em­ployed (4) 6 A bit more than old play­ers but still very play­ful (6) 7 The lit­tle saint re­ceives the cane for mak­ing a stand (6) 12 Some­one ap­pealed for a low tide (4) 14 Even shed a tear when you re­vere an­other? (8) 15 There’s some­thing fishy about your aunt (4) 17 And this one’s a lit­tle fishy, too! (6) 18 I’m stag­gered to see you dance with our edi­tor (6) 20 The chain is bro­ken and the land re­vealed (5) 21 Left me to get up and wear some­thing showy (5) 23 Any­way, it’s just an

act (4)

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