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1 Which English nat­u­ral­ist’s sci­en­tific the­ory of evo­lu­tion by nat­u­ral selec­tion be­came the foun­da­tion of mod­ern evo­lu­tion­ary stud­ies?

2 The Ot­toman Em­pire spanned ar­eas across which three con­ti­nents?

3 Who re­placed Garry Lyon on the panel of The Footy Show this year?

4 True or False: The Tas­ma­nian Devil is the world’s largest car­niv­o­rous mar­su­pial?

5 In which coun­try is Lower Zam­bezi Na­tional Park?

6 Who are the three main judges on MasterChef?

7 Which coun­try de­feated Ar­gentina in this year’s Copa Amer­ica fi­nal?

8 Which three states does the Mur­ray River run through?

9 Who was the em­peror of Ja­pan from 1926 un­til his death in 1989?

10 Which city will host the 2020 Olympics?

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