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ACROSS 4 Reck­less? Then you need to get on with it (6) 7 Or get to Panama if you want to see a great view (8) 8 Get a kick out of be­ing

fired? (6) 9 This miner is seen to get with a lot of sol­diers (8) 11 Points to outer space and how some of it gets out (7) 13 They pass out etc. on see­ing other ways of look­ing at things (7) 15 That tan Lana has and just from a plant! (7) 17 Seem­ingly im­pos­si­ble to ap­pear note­wor­thy (7) 20 At­tributes it to a writer’s method of record­ing it (8) 23 A Malay may find this to be wear­ing (6) 24 Parts of the story con­tain an ode about se­cret agents (8) 25 When it comes to corn and some seed, he knows what’s good for you (6)


1 A good-looker, per­haps (4) 2 I’ve Tom to thank for the in­cen­tive (6) 3 Where to eat ac­cord­ing to that same good­looker (4) 4 Draw a straw from that un­sightly lot (5) 5 What a drink! Puts one in a trance! (6) 6 Have noth­ing to

sur­vive with but oil (5) 9 The ground for be­lief that a lot of trea­son is to be found here (6) 10 Les gets sent out and gets com­fort­able with it (7) 12 The boys are in state be­cause their meals are cold (6) 14 So I meet an Ir­ish­man and hear his di­alect (6) 16 They do trip over when on three legs (6) 18 Egged to get in shape (5) 19 I’ll have a large beer, please (5) 21 At 100 is given a bone and put in a baby’s bed (4) 22 A cou­ple of good­look­ers (4)

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