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Dougie’s Di­rec­tives for Dither­ing De­clar­ers cap­ture ba­sic play tech­niques that im­prov­ing play­ers need to master. The fourth one, DDDD4 says ‘if you can­not see a rea­son­able plan, start play­ing your long­est side suit’. This di­rec­tive has two im­pacts in this hand. It may be pos­si­ble to see the plan for the play in the auc­tion and this is why the auc­tion is good. North shows the long club suit and then the good trump sup­port and game val­ues. With a bet­ter hand, South would have reval­ued the king of clubs but, be­ing min­i­mum, Rex al­lowed the auc­tion to stop in game. West led the ace of clubs and con­tin­ued with an­other, no doubt look­ing for a ruff. De­clarer won the king and drew trumps end­ing in hand. Next he led the H6 and, when West played small, he in­serted the H10 which lost to the king. East sur­pris­ingly re­turned the king of di­a­monds and now de­clarer can’t get his sec­ond heart trick and went one off. Pairs, Both vul, Dealer South

Was Rex un­lucky again? Well, he could have led the HQ at after draw­ing trumps and the heart block­age would dis­ap­pear but his ba­sic mis­take was not know­ing DDDD4 and re­al­is­ing he could set up a club win­ner and not rely on the po­si­tion of the king of di­a­monds. Care­ful en­try man­age­ment was nec­es­sary and he should draw trumps end­ing in dummy and im­me­di­ately ruff a club. Now is the time to lead and run the HQ. When the DK is re­turned, he can ruff an­other club and then fi­nesse the jack of hearts and en­joy the long club trick. It’s mat­ter of us­ing en­tries cor­rectly to set up the long club! Now the de­fence made the same er­ror. They know from the auc­tion that there are long clubs on ta­ble and that a DDDD4­knowl­edge­able de­clarer is go­ing to try to set them up so they should not help de­clarer in that task. It seems clear to lead a red suit after the auc­tion and the J108 of di­a­monds looks like a safe and au­to­matic choice. The old adage of ‘through strength and up to weak­ness’ just doesn’t work when it’s de­clarer’s long suit.

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