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HE plays one of the most iconic char­ac­ters in lit­er­ary his­tory. But Luke Pasqualino, who stars as d’Artag­nan in BBC se­ries The Mus­ke­teers, ad­mits he’s more fa­mil­iar with the 1980s car­toon ver­sion of The Three Mus­ke­teers than Alexan­dre Du­mas’ clas­sic novel.

“Dog­ta­nian and the Muske­hounds – yeah, I watched it as a kid,” he laughs, adding that while he read “loads of ex­cerpts”, he didn’t pe­ruse the his­toric novel from start to fin­ish.

“I feel a sense of re­spon­si­bil­ity with ev­ery role I play,” he says. “But I guess even more so with d’Artag­nan – be­cause he’s such an iconic role in mil­i­tary his­tory. That said … we were told we weren’t do­ing the book; that it was based on and in­spired by it, but it would be dif­fer­ent.”

The se­ries, now in its third and fi­nal sea­son, be­gan shoot­ing in 2013.

None of the cast knew one an­other be­fore they took part in an in­tense boot camp, where they learnt to ride horses and fight with real swords.

“I think it was im­por­tant we learnt how to do all that,” Pasqualino says. “We had to be­come mus­ke­teers. And if you’re a mus­ke­teer, you have to learn how to sword fight.

“Alexan­der Du­mas wouldn’t have been very happy with us if we hadn’t – in fact, he would have been turn­ing in his grave.”

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