No. 1563

Sunday Tasmanian - Tassie Living - - WATCH ON PRESTO -


4 There’s some­thing fishy if you have to can it! (7) 8 You leave your aunt and obey the sharp one (7) 9 I need the right place in which to put the copy (7) 10 Give ear to the poet and he’ll work in the the­atre (7) 11 Vera comes of age but that’s only par for the course (7) 12 Lis­ten! Here’s how to get into a uni­form (6) 14 Stick to­gether when you see the Com­mand­ing Of­fi­cer present (6) 18 Con­fi­den­tially, he’s not so rank (7) 21 They’ll shed a tear in the navy when you tell such a story (7) 22 This will teach you a les­son! (7) 23 They’re ex­pected to keep on track (7) 24 When they star, they all need their rest (7)


1 Get a sailor to find the an­swer and free them from their ac­tions (7) 2 Old play­ers were so un­truth­ful we hear (5) 3 Hires them with mat­ri­mony in mind? (7) 4 Mas­ter! Give me some wa­ter (6) 5 A big spender in In­dia (5) 6 We need a time to get it out and copy it (7) 7 No­tice how Eve is able to dodge it (5) 13 Pa­cific wear, cer­tainly, and in their free time, too (7) 15 It’s not in to change your gear here, it’s atro­cious (7) 16 Sounds like an out­lay in for­mer coinage (7) 17 Even Her Majesty will go out to such a show (6) 18 The sort of looks seen in the House of Lords? (5) 19 I col­lect molten rock and find it will be of use (5) 20 The prin­ci­pal state in the Union? (5)

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