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1 Some joined the French but she pre­ferred to dance (6) 8 A lion met an ant and they called it pa­tri­otic (8) 9 All set out to dig and ab­stract it (6) 10 With­draws it con­cern­ing those pam­phlets (8) 11 That Polly could re­ally put it on! (6) 13 They’re such a flighty lot (8) 16 They are as­sumed to be at the pub (8) 19 So pow­er­ful and is recorded in the top ten (6) 22 It will cease to flow ac­cord­ing to our agent in Tas­ma­nia (8) 24 No­bles as­sess the cost of join­ing the United Na­tions (6) 25 A memo­rial to men on a small moun­tain (8) 26 Les has this lit­tle dog that’s re­ally com­pli­ant (6)


2 They like a joint that’s to the same de­gree (5) 3 It’s not con­cealed in Dover, then? (5) 4 Be­seeches them to en­ter early Satur­day (8) 5 The saint and the alien are to let it stand (4) 6 A male swan needs a lot of salt to turn blue (6) 7 The cler­gy­man has ei­ther gone by or is still here (6) 12 How to do­mes­ti­cate your mate (4) 14 Looks into the im­por­ta­tion of North­ern Ter­ri­tory spices (8) 15 Love re­ceiv­ing an OBE for tak­ing part in a play (4) 17 One has to make al­lowances for this (6) 18 Just nag your mother and you’ll get that big bot­tle (6) 20 You just need part of a trum­pet to play suc­cess­fully (5) 21 Re­lates to birth in South Africa, per­haps (5) 23 Mim­ics mon­keys (4)

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