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4 The sort of re­sponse found use­ful in the lab (6) 7 I let the bear in and you let it out (8) 8 I see noth­ing ex­cept dust where the artist is work­ing (6) 9 Ten dimes are seen as worth­less re­mains of the past (8) 11 At­tempted to write one for the ed­i­tor (7) 13 Finds the place where there’s noth­ing to be found in the cas­tle (7) 15 Nags and is given an ale and some Ital­ian favourite (7) 17 It’s won­der­ful how I keep calmer de­spite the dis­tur­bance (7) 20 Wow! That’s some

bird in uni­form! (8) 23 A sailor do­ing a lot of

orat­ing (6) 24 Takes it out and marks the spot where those re­gions are to be found (8) 25 Such crones are put out when he says what they should see (6)


1 Ad­mired but seen to have a lot of mud in it (4) 2 Eyed in a train go­ing

to the East (6) 3 Let’s face it, it’s a

good place to eat (4) 4 Takes time off in a lot

of forests (5) 5 You can’t find love with

that kind of bird (6) 6 We find her in a river

in Ger­many (5) 9 Rarely do mod­els be­come put out (6) 10 Got com­fort­able with birds that were out in front (7) 12 It’s straight­for­ward. Just mix tea with your cider (6) 14 Fe­males seek such ideals (6) 16 At least rally to seek star­dom! (6) 18 I play the game just like you (5) 19 The drink with the re­gal touch (5) 21 You take a jet to reach the plant (4) 22 Sent out to catch

fish (4)

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