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1 Con­cerned at us­ing a lot of spice with your cook­ing? (6) 7 Be­cause of me, he gets well and I find that very handy (8) 8 Do you get wa­ter on the brain when you wear it? (6) 9 It’s a firm de­nial in the pho­to­graphic busi­ness (8) 10 It’s a gar­den plant as seen amongst the reed (6) 11 Pesters Tom who gets stern as a re­sult (8) 14 Takes it back and is con­cerned only with their rhyming (8) 18 Steals just a lit­tle pile and Fred be­gins to take part, too (6) 19 It takes Tom and Eva to pro­vide the in­cen­tive (8) 21 Put that lid on the tea and don’t let it be seen (6) 22 I get men to get to the right like the good sol­diers they are (8) 23 Did Rose get cut off from that squalid lot? (6)


1 It’s about a car­rier be­ing first with the news (8) 2 I play games just like the oth­ers (6) 3 It just means tea flows out like that (8) 4 So you’re com­fort­able car­ry­ing guns? (4) 5 The sort of mower who ap­pears to be shy, etc (6) 6 You’ll get it in the neck, you know (6) 12 Creeps around the street and seem­ingly shows some es­teem (8) 13 It can’t be re­vealed and the ed­i­tor has it hid­den away (8) 15 Wears away like po­ems to Her Majesty (6) 16 How to rile 11 Ro­mans by say­ing that it’s a cure-all (6) 17 Was left to cover the rich pas­turage (6) 20 The mon­key marks the spot at its sum­mit (4)

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