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1 Which fe­male gym­nast picked up four gold medals and one bronze in Rio?

2 Dean Nor­ris starred as Hank Schrader in which TV se­ries?

3 What year was Brent Har­vey drafted by the Kan­ga­roos?

4 What is the name of the up­com­ing TV show hosted by for­mer Top Gear pre­sen­ters Jeremy Clark­son, James May, and Richard Ham­mond?

5 Vasco da Gama is best known for his jour­neys across which two oceans?

6 True or false: Riga is the cap­i­tal city of Latvia?

7 Which coun­try topped the medal tally at the Rio Olympics?

8 At the be­gin­ning of a game of chess, which pieces are lo­cated ei­ther side of a knight?

9 Who starred as Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies?

10 In 2016, who be­came the sec­ond fe­male Prime Min­is­ter of the United King­dom?

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