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Ex­tremely large hands are very in­fre­quent. The big­gest I have seen was 33 hcp in the 1960s. The auc­tion was 2C-2D-6N jus­ti­fied by “I have 33 points”! The big­gest hand I have held was 27 points and part­ner opened 1C ahead of me so the auc­tion was easy: 1C-7NT. This 29 point mon­ster ar­rived in the In­ter­state teams event in Bris­bane ear­lier this year and you might like to think how you would bid it. Bert For­age and Ju­lia Corr reached 7NT where many lan­guished at the six level.

The prob­lem is the type of re­sponses which you might choose to re­spond to 2C. If 2D, neg­a­tive or wait­ing, is bid, it will be dif­fi­cult. If North re­sponds 3D, South has to bid 4C and, although there will be some anx­i­ety about miss­ing a spade fit, South can prob­a­bly just jump to 7NT at some stage. If the ini­tial re­sponse is a neg­a­tive 2D, the auc­tion will pro­ceed 2C-2D-3C-3D-3S-3N which is fine ex­cept that North has bid like some­one with no points.

Per­haps North should bid 4NT rather than 3NT but won’t that be Black­wood for spades? It’s very dif­fi­cult to re­cover at that point. So how did Bert and Ju­lia do it? They play con­trol show­ing re­sponses to 2C and a 2H re­sponse showed one ace or two kings and South has no prob­lem at that point and could jump im­me­di­ately to 7NT. Us­ing that kind of method, one might have an auc­tion like 2C-2H-3C-3D-3S-4C and would know 7NT was re­ally safe. The ac­tual auc­tion at my table was as shown. South is one of the best card play­ers in Aus­tralia but has very retro bid­ding meth­ods: weak 1NT and 4 card ma­jors! Still his part­ner re­sponded an ar­ti­fi­cial 2S show­ing 7-9 points which makes the auc­tion game forc­ing. Over 2NT, North asked for a 5 card ma­jor and then sub­sided in 3NT hav­ing bid all their val­ues. South sim­ply cor­rected to 7NT. Will your meth­ods bid this or do you need to con­sult Bert about his meth­ods?

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