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ACROSS 4 Goes down about a mile yet re­mains el­e­vated and awein­spir­ing (7) 8 Con­sid­ered un­holy for hav­ing bro­ken that pane (7) 9 The ul­ti­mate state is when you take your van out in the rain (7) 10 Prime Min­is­ter At­tlee was so com­pas­sion­ate! (7) 11 Can’t keep still so I’ve had to take a rest (7) 12 Just clap! Elsie is pro­duc­ing some of the gar­ments (6) 14 Makes up for a note’s be­ing played badly (6) 18 In the South, it’s proper to thrive in this man­ner (7) 21 Gives gladly to Brad­man when tea’s served (7) 22 I’d die to meet Lois. How I wor­ship her! (7) 23 Lumps re­ceived by my son when in a duel (7) 24 10-across gets a new head or a part of one (7)


1 It’s a par­tic­u­lar kind of spice Capone went for (7) 2 One who does the prod­ding when game (5) 3 On side but com­ing in real late (7) 4 Guards en­try with a

sta­tion­ary soldier (6) 5 They’re a flighty lot (5) 6 Such lan­guage! At the Vat­i­can, too (7) 7 The First Lady is given short no­tice and gets to dodge it (5) 13 I make the of­fer and Rose gets her dad to agree (7) 15 Lac­er­ated and what a fuss when things were in a whirl (7) 16 The bus came back and my sis­ter be­gan to have a life (7) 17 Such a red tan can be­come fiery (6) 18 So con­sum­ing pie main­tains the bal­ance, then? (5) 19 Self-es­teem felt at the Lions Club meet­ing? (5) 20 A form of tax im­posed

on a coral isle (5)

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