No. 1570

Sunday Tasmanian - Tassie Living - - CROSSWORDS AND PUZZLES -


1 The tales they tell! Fab­u­lous ac­cord­ing to those French (6) 8 So there’s a com­pany of lions per­form­ing satir­i­cal im­i­ta­tions? (8) 9 Take your turn or eat tea right now (6) 10 Lit­tle Con­nie, so hack­neyed and so pen­i­tent (8) 11 Make it up or find it in some es­cape out­let (6) 13 Just for the record, it’s how you should greet a knight (8) 16 Said you would give us more dips, as it were (8) 19 Gee! There’s an open­ing here for the up­per class (6) 22 Get to spot in a tea break one who is a de­serter (8) 24 Love ap­ple? Then you’ll love this (6) 25 Just can’t get Reed to hold that wine! (8) 26 Takes one sly ode and sings like this with it (6)


2 A lit­tle oak is a painful thing (5) 3 Per­mis­sion to de­part? (5) 4 Give my re­spects when they put in their ap­pear­ances (8) 5 It’s all rain in this part of the world (4) 6 Ron gets sad when one em­bel­lishes it like this (6) 7 The in­sect gets let out only to find another come in (6) 12 How to vote and pre­vent it from tak­ing place (4) 14 Why drag it out? Get with all those in­ge­nious lit­tle things (8) 15 Any­way, sounds like a car to me! (4) 17 That’s right! A jetty is the place to bear a sword (6) 18 The ac­ci­dent hap­pened when my mother was on the ship (6) 20 No in­sane wan­derer this one! (5) 21 Look later and you’ll find that badgered beast (5) 23 There’s a lot to be said for such a voice (4)

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