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4 And fol­low­ing this age, there are some out­stand­ing things to be seen (6) 7 Do I get seen in a scrap with these fear­less Spa­niards? (8) 8 To­gether with gin they have their sup­port­ers given the breaks (6) 9 A pres­ence dif­fers slightly when you feign it (8) 11 Ian uses it in LA and holds his tongue (7) 13 Some doc­tor rents it at the rush (7) 15 Sid gets to trot out and do The Twist (7) 17 Gets left to cre­ate it and comes to a sticky end (7) 20 On a high solv­ing this? (8) 23 That dis­tant part is not on but show some spirit any­way (6) 24 Makes clear about those for­mer un­ob­structed grounds (8) 25 In sum­mer gera­ni­ums are seen to blend in (6)


1 Her Majesty finds it on the jetty (4) 2 By­gone or cur­rently able to min­is­ter (6) 3 Not up to be­ing seen as a soft? (4) 4 As it will get firm it will be­come ad­van­ta­geous (5) 5 I bleed it in or­der to have it eaten (6) 6 A prin­ci­ple held by man’s best friend and his mother (5) 9 Camped by an Ital­ian river! That’s so pow­er­ful! (6) 10 Cited by the French as their city fortress (7) 12 Sent out, the French find an­other way to get com­fort­able (6) 14 The ruler has a de­gree in bread mak­ing (6) 16 I taint it with a colour which suits the artist (6) 18 Weapon held by a flier (5) 19 Give me a large beer, please! (5) 21 It’s a spat about bu­gle­play­ing (4) 22 Once ap­peared nude on a sand hill (4)

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