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1 Hap­haz­ard way of spend­ing in South Africa with some 50% avail­able (6) 7 This flat­ters a grownup per­son at sea (8) 8 Give credit to the god­dess for re­spond­ing to the emer­gency (6) 9 I’m to meet you on Saturn’s satel­lite and seek the metal­lic el­e­ment found there (8) 10 Six Ro­mans seek horse­play, then love from an ill-tem­pered woman (6) 11 It’s bad to get in there when a dis­cus­sion’s tak­ing place (8) 14 Spends it in the way that mem­bers of the clergy do (8) 18 You’ll see, pal! It will go just like that (6) 19 In the East, just see that it’s not mov­ing and you’ll be so thrilled (8) 21 Solve it but it’s of lit­tle im­por­tance to do so (6) 22 Have it go off but get Ted to atone for it (8) 23 You see a bend in the river (6)


1 Gets well or­gan­ised and puts a new top on (8) 2 Gloomy but as mild as can be ex­pected (6) 3 Not so mad as this old mon­ster (8) 4 Forced to drink new wine? (4) 5 Get with a man that’s re­ally at­trac­tive (6) 6 Go back and you’ll get Turner con­fused (6) 12 It’s best to cast the dice and get them split in two (8) 13 The way to pro­duce green tea (8) 15 Show that it’s right to an alien in or­der to get in (6) 16 The Ir­ish­man has Ron­ald as a cus­tomer (6) 17 An al­lowance given when you have noth­ing to train with (6) 20 It’s late to duck! (4)

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