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There are three schools of thought about the strength needed for two suited over­calls like a Michaels cue bid and un­usual no trumps. The first is weak only. This school be­lieves that hav­ing two suits will usu­ally al­low you to dodge a bad break in one by run­ning to the other. These peo­ple will make a two suited bid on Kxxxx in both suits. The sec­ond school plays it like a polo mint with a hole in the mid­dle. So they use it as weak (say less than an open­ing bid) or strong (say 16+) and with the 12-15 range they bid both suits. The prob­lem with this method is that you may never get to show the sec­ond suit. I think the best method is to get both suits in quickly and make an­other bid with ex­tra strength. The min­i­mum strength should be about KQxxx in both suits and KQ10xx in both suits is clear cut. It gives safety as well as a rea­son­able chance of win­ning the con­tract. It is un­de­sir­able to bid and not win the con­tract since the bids only help de­clarer then.

This hand came from a coun­try congress and we see East open­ing very light when non-vul in third hand. South does best to make the Michaels cue bid show­ing hearts and a mi­nor since he knows he will get an­other bid. When West raises to game, the next bid is a com­fort­able five di­a­monds. West dou­bles since he has two plau­si­ble tricks op­po­site a part­ner who has opened and then leads his se­cret weapon, the CA! De­clarer ruffs this and plays two top trumps and is pleased that he can now deal with the un­likely 5-0 heart split. When the hearts also be­have, de­clarer can dis­card two spades from dummy and ruff one for a dou­bled over­trick and 650 in­stead of 420. The psy­che cost 6 imps be­cause the part­ner has to dou­ble. If West hadn’t dou­bled, one would sum­mon the di­rec­tor to ask how he knew to make al­lowance for part­ner’s psy­che. If you want to open in third hand, 2S is safer since part­ner won’t be ex­pect­ing any de­fen­sive val­ues.

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