No. 1573

Sunday Tasmanian - Tassie Living - - CROSSWORDS AND PUZZLES -


3 Re­served it at the cen­tre for you (8) 7 Mike mainly made a fuss when the Ja­panese dig­ni­tary ap­peared (6) 8 Such hors­ing around has to be seen to be be­lieved (8) 9 The min­is­ter said that aw­ful dog con­sumed it (6) 10 Just a men­tion of how I’ll rec­om­mend you for the po­si­tion (8) 11 Dares to love, as it were (6) 14 Al­ludes to the fact that they’re freer in the South (6) 17 Pam tries to dis­turb both men and mon­keys (8) 18 Seem­ingly mocked at your club, I see (6) 19 Clearly un­der­stood that one had made a profit from the in­vest­ment (8) 20 Some of your sin ex­plain­able so bear with it (6) 21 The car­di­nal is given a rise (8)


1 Did get to use an old in­stru­ment and watered it down (7) 2 The Spa­niard gets floored and takes to the road (7) 3 They are seen to gnaw or are about to pro­duce hol­lows from the blows (7) 4 Look in that tall struc­ture and it will cer­tainly in­flu­ence you (7) 5 Have it flow out if you mean to eat it (7) 6 See­saws pro­vided for the golfer to take a rest on? (7) 11 Sees how to take the rap only to slan­der you (7) 12 The Ja­panese fold and make it look at­trac­tive (7) 13 I’ve Eva’s word that there’s some­thing dodgy about this one (7) 14 All that re­mains is for you to dwell there (7) 15 So well-known mu­si­cally is this lit­tle ro­dent (7) 16 Most ora­tions are de­liv­ered in smaller fash­ion (7)

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