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An­cient grains are whole grains with roots trac­ing back to the be­gin­nings of time. More nu­tri­tious than re­fined grain prod­ucts, an­cient grains thrive with less need for plant pro­tec­tion prod­ucts and ir­ri­ga­tion leav­ing a lower car­bon foot­print and each grain has some­thing dif­fer­ent to of­fer. New on the mar­ket is Banjo’s An­cient Grain bread packed with 12 nu­tri­tious grains, seeds and beans, in­clud­ing pop­u­lar an­cient grains. Know­ing what is in your bread and how it ben­e­fits your ev­ery­day health and well­be­ing is im­por­tant so you can make the right choice.

Quinoa a pop­u­lar su­per­food, Quinoa is high in pro­tein, con­tains all 9 es­sen­tial amino acids, high in fi­bre, B-vi­ta­mins, iron, potas­sium, cal­cium, phos­pho­rus, vi­ta­min E and ben­e­fi­cial an­tiox­i­dants.

Ama­ranth is higher in min­er­als like cal­cium, iron, phosporous and carotenoids than most veg­eta­bles, plus a re­mark­able pro­tein con­tent.

Kib­bled rye is packed with nu­tri­ents, min­er­als and an­tiox­i­dants and can con­trib­ute to weight loss ef­forts, gall­stone is­sues and aid with ef­fects of Di­a­betes.

Lin­seed is high in fi­bre, omega3 and an­tiox­i­dants and low in carbs. Lin­seed is good to as­sist in burn­ing body fat and fir­ing up your me­tab­o­lism. Trit­i­cale is a high fi­bre ce­real and helps re­duce blood sugar lev­els in turn help­ing con­trol Di­a­betes. High fi­bre also helps with di­ges­tion, quick­en­ing ab­sorp­tion and ex­cre­tion.

Sun­flower seeds are an ex­cel­lent source of cop­per and vi­ta­min B1. Pro­vid­ing a healthy source of es­sen­tial fatty acids and helps pro­mote car­dio­vas­cu­lar health with vi­ta­min E and fo­late.

Malted wheat flakes are very low in choles­terol and low in sat­u­rated fat. A good source of vi­ta­min A, and a very good source of thi­amin, ri­boflavin, niacin, vi­ta­min B6, fo­late, vi­ta­min B12, iron and man­ganese.

Sesame seeds have been used for over 5,000 years and may be one of the most nu­tri­ent dense medic­i­nal foods still used to­day. Great for your skin, oral health, blood pres­sure and heart health.

Bar­ley is known as one of the world’s health­i­est foods packed with di­etary fi­bre to aid in­testi­nal health and lower choles­terol.

Soy beans is a rich whole food. Ob­ser­va­tional stud­ies in­di­cate that con­sump­tion of soy prod­ucts may re­duce the risk of breast can­cer and a pro­tec­tive ef­fect against prostate can­cer in men.

Pump­kin seeds con­tain mag­ne­sium for heart health, zinc for im­mune sup­port and prostate health, and omega3.

Corn grains are a nu­tri­tional power house, rich in an­tiox­i­dants and fi­bre. Did you know corn con­tains carotenoids (lutein and zeax­an­thin) which are good for your eyes? If you’re look­ing for a loaf packed with nu­tri­tional good­ness tempt your taste­buds with Banjo’s new An­cient Grain va­ri­eties and you’ll ex­pe­ri­ence real bread with ben­e­fits. The per­fect ac­com­pa­ni­ment to a healthy diet.

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