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“Kids and adults alike will love these” SERVES 4-6

12 chicken drum­sticks 100ml light soy sauce 100ml honey 2 star anise 1 cin­na­mon stick £ ÌLà w˜iÞ }À>Ìi` }ˆ˜}iÀ 2 gar­lic cloves, crushed 2 tsp se­same seeds, lightly toasted 2 birds eye chill­ies, very thinly sliced Co­rian­der and sliced red chilli to serve 2TGJGCV QXGP VQ ř% 2NCEG VJG EJKEMGP KP C NCTIG TQCUVKPI FKUJ %QODKPG UQ[ JQPG[ anise, cin­na­mon, ginger, gar­lic and 1/3 cup ON YCVGT CPF FTK\\NG QXGT VJG EJKEMGP Roast for 45 min­utes, bast­ing and turn­ing of­ten, un­til chicken is cooked through and UCWEG KU TGFWEGF 5ECVVGT YKVJ UGUCOG UGGFU CPF UGTXG YKVJ EQTKCPFGT CPF EJKNNK

NUTRITION • 61G PRO­TEIN • 11G SAT FAT • 20G CARB • 20G SUG­ARS • 1480MG SODIUM • 660 CAL (2770KJ)

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