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An­other one out of the box for you to pon­der.

THIS week’s mys­tery item is an easy one. Clearly it is a shoe, a solid wooden shoe from back in the good old days when men were real men and shoes were made of hard­wood. No? OK, fine. This piece from the Vic­to­rian era was dis­cov­ered at the Ring Road An­tiques Cen­tre.

It ap­pears to have a slid­ing lid, but what would its owner put in­side? Peo­ple of all so­cial classes may have used a box such as this.

While this one is fairly sim­ple one, these items were also made in highly dec­o­ra­tive de­signs and from ex­pen­sive ma­te­ri­als.

If you know what it is, let us know and drop us a line at tassieliv­ing@news.com.au Next week we will print the names of our read­ers who had the cor­rect an­swer. And we will pop an­other item in front of you for your sleuthing, re­search­ing and pon­der­ing plea­sure.

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