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An­other one right out of the box.

IT’S a box! Let’s all move on to the next page, I’m sure it’s a beauty with a lovely story about ... OK, just jokes.

This vin­tage item dates back to the De­pres­sion era.

It’s wooden, square, heavy, and as can be seen in the pic­ture there are a bunch of curved bits of metal in­side. There’s ac­tu­ally a few lev­els of these metal rows.

The key is what goes in­side, right? Of course it is. The sky is blue, eggs don’t bounce and the key is what the item was used for.

This mys­tery piece was found at Mar­gate Train Traders.

If you know the an­swer please drop us a line at tassieliv­ing@news.com.au Next week­end we will print the names of those with the cor­rect an­swer and un­veil the clues to our next mys­tery ob­ject.

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