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LAST week we asked read­ers to help Steve Walk­ley find out what his mys­tery items might be.

Stew Ed­wards and Leanne Combes wrote to say def­i­nitely that the item was a “bucket and cylin­der”.

They said that it would be used by physi­cists to prove the Archimedean prin­ci­pal of buoy­ancy (the ap­par­ent loss in weight of a float­ing or sub­merged body is equal to the weight of the fluid it dis­places).

Ste­wart Ross and Suzanne Glover sug­gested that the item was spring scales with the item to be weighed hung on the hook. Sim­i­larly Janette Siejka and Les De­laney thought the de­vice was used to weigh items such as fish or game. Astrid Donnelly Skene and Richard Pep­per sug­gested wall clock weights.

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