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Sure to have been a handy little item

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This week’s item is sure to have been a handy gad­get

HAVE you ever been walk­ing through town and won­dered about things chang­ing around you?

Not new build­ings be­ing erected or new shops open­ing – dif­fer­ent changes, changes that af­fect us all from time to time.

Per­haps you for­got your coat. Per­haps you have caught a chill.

Per­haps this sci­en­tific instrument could fill you in on what was hap­pen­ing with its mea­sure­ments.

Our photographer found this an­tique, watch-like, pocket-size item at Rich­mond’s Wal­ter & Co store.

If you know what this thinga­ma­jig is please, drop us a line at tassieliv­ing@news.com.au

Next week we will print the names of the fastest read­ers to write in with the right an­swer. And yes, this week the store owner has given us a solid an­swer!

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