What is it?: This week’s mys­tery is sure to put you in a spin

Round and round we go again

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THIS week we are go­ing to be brave and go out on a limb. It is a smoother ride (for me!) when we know for sure what some­thing is be­fore print­ing it. But, the pho­tos of this item were too nice to waste so here goes.

The owner of this piece told us it was a cap­stan. Spoiler alert! But a Mer­cury pho­tog­ra­pher had an­other idea and af­ter con­sult­ing some What Is It? ex­perts it seems that this thing would more likely have been the cen­tre of some­thing com­pletely dif­fer­ent.

It was made from tim­ber and is thought to date back to the 1840s. Have you got the an­swer? If you do send us an email at tassieliv­ing@news.com.au

Next week we will print the names of as many of the fastest re­spon­dents to write in with the right an­swer as we can. And we will pose our next ques­tion.

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