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Seem­ingly even more so than the week be­fore, last week’s mys­tery item has left many of our read­ers stumped.

Some thought it was an in­stru­ment for get­ting the mea­sure­ments to make hats, but only seven switched-on read­ers recog­nised it as a Ross Pre­ci­sion Com­puter, an early form of cal­cu­la­tor able to ac­cu­rately cal­cu­late com­pli­cated sums to the 2nd dec­i­mal place. Read­ers with the cor­rect an­swer in­cluded, Adrian Jack, Judi Bret­toner, Keith Brown, Vicki Hadrill, Les­ley Grano, Hugh Boughton, and Ruth Down­ham. Ruth’s fa­ther, who is now 83, used one of th­ese in his twen­ties.

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